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tsuristyle [userpic]
a small sales post
by tsuristyle (tsuristyle)
at July 25th, 2015 (11:49 pm)
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I will be moving on August 6th, and am getting rid of some magazines and books-- take a look if you're interested! I have a few things I'm selling for the price I got them for ($1-$5) + shipping, as well as several magazines I'm willing to send pages from for only the cost of shipping. Of particular interest might be Nagase's Sakuraba Yuichiro photobook and a Sakamoto x Joshima photoshoot :3

Please let me know by August 4th at the latest if you're interested in anything!

Edit: Added the TOKIO Special Gigs DVD and a J-Friends single under As Is.

( Various pages - cost of shipping only )

( As is (price + shipping) )