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We are TOKIO!

Naughty Boys We Are!

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 This community was born out of a strong love for TOKIO. The driving force for its creation is the article: Not-so-bad Life Traffic.

 The community currently has moderated membership. Join and I'll add you as soon as possible. Note: For unwanted spam prevention purposes, by default I will not add LJ accounts with zero entries or zero posted/received comments. If I haven't added you after a few days and you feel that I should, please contact me via LJ message, especially if you just created your LJ. Otherwise, I will let the request expire. Community membership is required to post entries and comment on entries without getting your comments screened.

To keep things in line and simple, I ask everyone to follow a few guidelines:

LJ cut: Please LJ cut any posts that are longer than your screen. This is for the sake of courtesy and everyone’s friends list page. LJ cut is simple:
<lj-cut text="whatever you want the cut to say"> long post </lj-cut>

Play nice: For goodness's sake, don't call anyone a "stupid bitch" or anything of that sort. Life has enough negativity as is; let's keep things positive.

English: While I'm not asking for perfect grammar and I'm not asking you properly capitalize (except for TOKIO), but I do ask that you please don't do things like write "gr8" or "u" when you are perfectly capable of writing "great" and "you."

Selling things: If you have something TOKIO-related that you would like to sell, please keep the post to a simple description and provide a way for those interested to contact you outside of the community for complete details. This community is not a store.

Media Files: No media files on this community, both posting and requesting. For media, check out our sister community: tokio_suki.

Looking for something? Check the community's tags or the discography post. I'll do my best to keep them up to date.

Any questions, comments, claims, complaints: Send me an LJ message.

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